Project. Vale de Lama

At this point we would like to introduce our third property project that we are currently realizing in Lagos. We own seven properties limited first-class mansions in extraordinary design and quality which I would personally love to show you. Since 1989 we have been working exclusively in this beautiful part of the Algarve. We will support you from the start to make your process as easy as possible.

All our properties are individual single properties without any attachment to a communal facility. Therefore you will have no further responsibilities like monthly payments for the communal facility or for the letting of the property. You will enjoy complete freedom and independence.

One of the most important aspects when buying a property is the location. In our case it offers an excellent golf course nearby, an astonishing view on the Atlantic and a beautiful surrounding landscape. We guarantee an increasing property value.

Your new property

You can choose your favourite out of seven vacant properties which all have an ocean-view.
As soon as you have made your decision, you can choose between three different house models which already have been pre-designed for you. Size and partition can be fitted to your individual wishes. After the contract is signed further changes and additions can be made anytime. Our high-class interior and exterior design packages guarantee the perfect arrangement to fit your aesthetic expectancies. When the property fits your wishes we will star the building phase. When the property corresponds to your wishes, we are going to start the building process.

big property

at least 3000qm offer a maximum privacy


individual villa

a timeless beauty up to 400qm


Your premium home


Architecture is the art to create a safe and warm environment that connects individual needs and expectations with aesthetic design. It is a combination of tradition and modernity, form and function, life and living to build a truly special place.

Exterior design

Love at first sight is the motto for exterior design. With clear lines, a continuity from the in- to the exterior and a connection to nature, modern design aesthetics open a whole new dimension of living.

Interior design

Home is where the heart is. The interior design is a reflection of your personality and living standards. Through well-conceived room concepts and first-class materials, we can create possibilities for flexible and individual use.

One mansion – Three possibilities

In order to make your decision easier we have already designed three different mansion models to choose from. Of course you can make changes or additions to all of the predesigned models or even collaborate with our architect to create a whole new design. This does not only apply to the architecture but for the size and specification of your mansion, too.

Model 200

qm²250living space
  • garden with pool
  • Model 300

    qm²330living space
  • garden with pool
  • Model 400

    qm²400living space
    • 200 qm² basement
  • garden with pool
  • 7rooms
    • 4 bedrooms

    • 4 bedrooms

    • 5 bedrooms

    Additional services

    • 2 carports & 2 garages, optional modern SUV on-site
  • Membership to the golf club Palmares by request
  • Make an appointment today and convince yourself of our quality and excellent service.